Here are our fixtures and results from the 2019-20 season:

Day Date Home Away Comments
Wed 18/09/2019 Cricklade A  Mixed A Lost 11-7
Thu 26/09/2019 Raychem B Mens B Lost 13-5
Fri 27/09/2019 Brecon   Ladies Lost 17-1
Wed 02/10/2019 Mixed A Roussel B  Lost 6-12
Fri 04/10/2019 Highworth DA C  Mixed B Lost 12-6
Wed 09/10/2019 Ladies  Cricklade Lost 7-11
Wed 09/10/2019 Mens B Raychem C Won 11-7
Sun 13/10/2019 Stratton Polska B Mens A  
Wed 16/10/2019 Mixed B Whitehorse D   
Fri 18/10/2019 Brecon B  Mixed A  
Wed 13/11/2019 Mixed B Ashton Keynes   
Wed 20/11/2019 Mens A David Lloyd   
Thu 21/11/2019 Acers C  Mens B  
Fri 22/11/2019 Swindon Ladies  
Tue 26/11/2019 Stonehenge  Kennet Wilson Lee
Wed 27/11/2019 Mixed A Roussel C   
Sun 01/12/2019 Swindon Smash C  Mixed B  
Wed 04/12/2019 Ladies Rousell  
Wed 04/12/2019 Whitehorse B Mens A  
Wed 04/12/2019 Mens B Whitehorse C  
Sun 15/12/2019 Stratton Polska B  Mixed A  
Wed 08/01/2020 Mens A Cricklade B  
Thu 09/01/2020 Stratton Polska   Ladies  
Wed 15/01/2020 Ashton Keynes  Mixed B  
Wed 15/01/2020 Mixed A Cricklade A   
Wed 22/01/2020 Ladies Brecon    
Wed 22/01/2020 Mens B Raychem B  
Wed 29/01/2020 Mixed B Highworth DA C   
Sun 02/02/2020 Roussel B  Mixed A  
Wed 05/02/2019 Mixed B Greenmeadow B   
Tue 11/02/2020 Raychem C  Mens B  
Wed 12/02/2020 Mens A Stratton Polska B   
Sun 16/02/2020 Cricklade  Ladies  
Wed 26/02/2020 Whitehorse D  Mixed B  
Wed 26/02/2020 Mixed A Brecon B   
Tue 03/03/2020 David Lloyd  Mens A  
Wed 04/03/2020 Ladies Swindon  
Wed 04/03/2020 Mens B Acers C   
Wed 11/03/2020 Mixed B Swindon Smash C   
Sun 15/03/2020 Roussel C  Mixed A  
Wed 18/03/2020 Mens A Whitehorse B   
Thu 19/03/2020 Whitehorse C  Mens B  
Sun 22/03/2020 Roussel  Ladies  
Tue 24/03/2020 Greenmeadow B  Mixed B  
Wed 25/03/2020 Mixed A Stratton Polska B   
Wed 01/04/2020 Ladies Stratton Polska    
Sun 05/04/2020 Cricklade B  Mens A